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Is lymphostasis an aggravant of lipedema? Case Rep Dermatol. Chronic high-fat diet impairs collecting lymphatic vessel function in mice. PLoS One. 2014 .

lymphostasis, thus reducing the related morbidity, in groin node dissection Diet, and possibly some supplements may play a role in overall survival of women A. Urbano-Ruiz1, F.M. Laginha1, P.A. Laginha2, H.A. Laginha3, D.C. .

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55] While axillary dissection provides important information about the staging of breast cancer, it also is associated with morbidity such as arm edema (swelling), lymphostasis and infections of the ipsilateral (same side) extremity.

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Lymphostasis is caused by lymphedema, which can be primary or secondary. The main symptom of the disease - swelling of the affected limb, which dramatically increases in volume, the skin thickens, coarse wrinkles are formed.

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[high-medium chain triglyceride (MCT) diet with low-fat and high-protein complete lymphostasis, fibrin glue was applied to the area. Postoperatively, the LAP versus. HA. Side. Time to symptoms after surgery. (days). Conservative treatment.


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